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InDihyph CS Hyphenation Windows 1.7

InDihyph CS Hyphenation Windows 1.7

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InDihyph CS Hyphenation Windows Publisher's Description

Unbenanntes Dokument Professional Hyphenation in InCopy and InDesign
InCopy and InDesign users can now benefit from the high quality of Dieckmann’smethod for hyphenation.

The Highlights

  • Highest accuracy: InDihyph serves the highest quality requirements which you have to hyphenation in your documents. This has been proven by many comparative tests.

  • Hyphenation qualities: In all suitable languages InDihyph reports not only the hyphenation points as such, but also its quality: from very good to very poor. An example: col~lab~ora~~~tion.
    One tilde: very good; three: poor hyphenation point.

  • Combined and compound words: InDihyph has incorporated special algorithms dealing with combined and compound words, as well as for new, fashion words.

  • Full InCopy support: InDihyph supports InCopyCS and InCopyCS2 which makes it possible to use InDihyph’s quality within editorial systems as well.

40 Languages
InDihyph is available in about 40 languages at the moment. It covers all prevalent central-european languages like English, German, French and Spanish, as well as some slavic languages like Polish or Slovak and even some exoticones like Afrikaans or Bahasa Indonesia/Malaii.

30 years of experience
The German engineer Frank Dieckmann has been developing and refining his methods to find correct hyphenation points in words for about 30 years now. Thanks to his close cooperation with publishing houses all over the world and constant improvement and development, his methods now have an outstanding quality and meet the highest quality requirements.

How it works
InDihyph works basically with a combination of algorithms and a number of exception tables. The algorithms base on the grammatical rules of the respective language. Where the agorithms are not sufficient any more– for example with combined or compound words, special terms, or new fashion words – the exception tables join in in order to accomplish correct hyphenation. Of course InDihyph is also aware of different word endings, pre- and suffices and hyphenates accordingly.

Different hyphenation qualities
An absolute highlight of InDihyph are the different hyphenation qualities. InDihyph does not only report “hyphenation point” to the InCopy/InDesign composer, but also “very good hyphenation point”, “medium” or rather “bad hyphenation point”. This
leads to the result that bad hyphenation are avoided as far as possible. A good example is “misin-formed” which will be reported with the worst hyphenation quality and therefore only used if needs be, for example within very narrow columns.

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